1919Small manufacturing business founded by Robert Hugo Stiehl
Wood processing and manufacture of small-scale cardboard packaging
Wood processing and introduction of thermoset compression moulding
ab 1960Start of thermoplastics processing – now our main area of business
1972Expropriation by GDR authorities
1972–1990Part of the state-owned enterprise Plasta Crottendorf with several plants
1. Juni 1990
Re-privatised by Gotthold Heß and Jürgen Burkert. Hugo Stiehl GmbH founded with 70 employees
1995New Plant 2 built in Crottendorf
1997DIN ISO 9001 certification
2000Construction of new central warehouse
2001Construction of new toolmaking workshop
2003Construction of new Plant 1 at headquarters in Crottendorf
2003Purchase of Plant 3 building complex
2008ISO/TS 16949 certification
2011–2013Extensive refurbishment of administrative building; waste heat used to heat factory buildings
2012DIN EN ISO 50001 certification
2015Warehouse extension at Plant 2