Quality and the Environment


Quality is the standard by which we are measured. Quality is our duty to our customers.

We aim to deliver flawless products and services of outstanding quality to our customers.

A certified quality management system has been an integral part of our working practices since 1997, and this means we are able to manufacture products of consistently high quality with great reliability. Our quality management system is focused on the continual improvement of our processes and procedures. At the forefront of this is our zero-defect strategy with preventative measures.


Conservation of resources and environmentally responsible behaviour are integral elements of our corporate philosophy.

Our work is geared towards leaving our children a healthy living environment.

All of our activities, whether planning new products or introducing new procedures, take account of their likely impact on the environment.

Production processes are constantly reviewed and optimised with a view to reducing production waste, all of which is reprocessed. Production facilities are designed with optimal energy use in mind. Energy generated as part of the production process, for instance waste heat, remains in the energy cycle and is reused sparingly.

Investment decisions are driven by environmental and energy considerations.

Environmental management is important to us, so we keep comprehensive documentation and provide evidence of our activities in our DIN EN ISO 50001-certified energy management system.