Synotec Psychoinformatik GmbH

Synotec Psychoinformatik GmbH was founded on 1 January 1994 in Geyer, in the Erzgebirge mountains.
On the basis of knowledge and methodological know-how acquired over the course of more than 25 years’ research in the specialist areas of psychoacoustics, acoustic design technology, bioinformatics, psychoinformatics, acoustics of musical instruments and voice acoustics, following German reunification the company gradually established new directions for services:

  • Sound engineering
  • Product sound design and
  • Digital audio design

Synotec Psychoinformatik GmbH and its highly qualified staff are today recognised both as pioneers of product sound design and as market leaders in Europe.

From now on, any advances in creating liveable urban spaces will require a networked approach for their success. In particular, successful interaction between engineers, creatives and scientists is only possible in a well-organised network. The company’s work with Hugo Stiehl GmbH relates to modern materials and their use (including pedelecs, sound stones, and violins).

Contact details

Synotec Psychoinformatik GmbH
Am Waldsportplatz 1
09468 Geyer, Germany

+49 37346 104 0

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